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1. Jay S.

Cheap decent eats. Small joint with big portions. Music is definitely too loud though

2. Yani O.

First all off this place says it's tapas style but this is not your normal tapas spot. Like tapas time 5, they're bigger than we all expected. We ordered the teriyaki chicken wings, veggie dumplings, veggie spring rolls, ginger shrimp, kimchi fried rice and fried chicken. Whooaaaaa! It was so much food! Every single bite was delicious i loved the wings they were my favorite. Yo, they have happy hour all night. We ordered lychee mojitos, which were really good i must say. Then i ordered a passion fruit margarita also delicious. Absolutely recommend, you'll leave there full AF!

3. Emily B.

incredible every time we go! i've come here every week (at least) for roughly 5 months since i moved to nyc

4. Elaine A.

Absolutely love this restaurant. Delicious food and drinks at a cheap price?? Count me in!! It's a very dim and lowkey place which is perfect for a night out with your friends. The staff was so nice in recommending us drinks and dishes. Keep in mind they don't do reservations and they're very popular at night. The portion of each dish was also great. I had the chicken quesadilla (a little dry but can't complain for the amount of food I'm getting at this price ~12) Definitely will be coming back again!!

5. Jordan-Johnson N.

Gosh, where do I even start talking about this godsent spot from the heavens. The prices here alone are insane and you really get so much for it. Any craft cocktail is gonna be ...putrid but what do I expect paying $7 for an old fashion haha. They're mad strong and get the job done. Good portions are quite big definitely shareable or even an entire appetizer for yourself. Incredibly attentive staff who was always checking on us and keeping the liquor flowing. Place is loud and trendy love the dark lighting and ambiance. 212 you have my heart forever

6. Lucy K.

Great ambiance and friendly service. Came here for happy hour with some coworkers, and there was ample seating. The waiter came by to refill water multiple times, and the food arrived in ~10-15 minutes after ordering. The drinks were a good price, and the food had l good portions given the prices in NYC! We sat near the window with a view of the street. The food was pretty good as well. The "Big Plates" come with rice and salad, so the Korean Beef was a good deal.

7. Agnes L.

I love going here to pregame. The drinks are all $6-7 and they work for sure. The appetizers are under $5-8 for HUGE portions. My fav is the Tater Tots ($5) and Calamari ($8)! There's a 3.99% credit/debit card fee so bring cash if you can. We ordered the Adios and Strawberry Mojito for drinks and we got Tater Tots, Calamari, and a Kimchi Fried Rice to fill ourselves. We underestimated the portions and couldn't finish it all. The place isn't the cleanest/cutest inside but the food is bombbbbb especially for the price. The only thing I don't really like would be how packed and loud it is inside but that just goes to show how popular it is!

8. Akiko I.

Perfect, and perfectly priced with authentic J pub food: Run by Hisae, an older Japanese from Hokkaido who's had a number of her own establishments in NYC prior to this place. Go here for J curry, not those chains. The service is good: It's run by a J person so no fooling around in that department! The clientele veers young (weekend nights NYU students during the school year) though there was a working-class Gen X couple near us as we arrived. One star off for the excessive use of plastic straws (all drinks including the water) with no option to refuse and the limited vegan/vegetarian selection.

9. Tiffany Y.

If you're looking for strong and cheap drinks, this is definitely the place for you. We came on a Friday night and there was a wait to get in, but we were able to skip the line since we were okay eating outside. The drinks are huge and have lots of alcohol in them, so be careful of how much you're drinking! We were able to order a Lychee Mojito ($7), Strawberry Margarita ($6), Long Island Iced Tea ($7), Bahama Mama ($7), Green Tea Shots ($4 each), and Lemon Drop shots ($3 each). The flavored cocktails were decent, but the alcohol taste is definitely overpowering. The basket of fries were also pretty crispy and were a nice bar food to eat with the drinks!

10. Pratima M.

If you're looking for cheap drinks, tasty food, and a good time, this is the place to be! They have a line that goes out the door so would recommend coming slightly earlier in the evening. The crowd tends to run younger and the decor inside isn't anything special, but it does what you need it to do. The restaurant is good for smaller and larger groups, but I would suggest coming with a smaller party to be seated quicker. They have Asian bar food that's filling before a night out and a ton of tasty drinks, too! I got the Kimchi Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, and Fries to share and everything was honestly delicious! I especially loved how flavorful the fried rice was. Even with 2-3 drinks per person, this place didn't break the bank and it was the perfect start to our night!